Cosmos Rehab

Lower extremity exoskeleton walking rehabilitation device

COSMOS is a powered lower limb orthosis, also known as a powered exoskeleton, which enables people with mobility impairments the opportunity to walk independently. Power is provided by sophisticated motors in the knee and hip joints. Combined with advanced sensors and control strategies, the device is designed to allow gait-impaired individuals to stand and walk again.

The COSMOS exoskeleton is envisioned to be used in physical rehabilitation centers, homes, and in the community as a mobility assistive device and overground active gait training for gait-impaired individuals. COSMOS is meant to offer people with impaired mobility a new level of independence.

Who is COSMOS For?

COSMOS is the first powered exoskeleton to be developed in Egypt. It has a modular design and is meant to be donned and doffed quickly because of its five-component design, self-aligning connections,
and single-hand adjustment system.

the current prototype weighs 14 kg (31 lbs).
The exoskeleton is intended to be small enough to be worn while seated in a standard wheelchair.

What makes COSMOS unique?

The user controls COSMOS by changing their posture and leaning forward to stand and walk, maintaining an upright stance to stop, and leaning backward to sit. There are plans for the production model to include vibratory feedback, LED indicators, and wireless control interface, similar to other exoskeletons of its class.

Ease of Use

COSMOS’s Android app allows control of motion strategies and modes; it also will enable control over gait parameters such as stride length, step frequency, and step height and record walking data so users can track their progress