Cosmos Personal

The Cosmos exoskeleton is a lower-body powered exoskeleton designed by Egyptian startup Cosmos Bionics to assist people with lower limb disabilities to walk again . It can also be considered a powered limb orthosis.

Here are some

of the
key features of

the Cosmos exoskeleton

The current prototype weighs about 14 kg (31 lbs),
making it relatively lightweight for an exoskeleton


Small footprint

The design is meant to be compact enough for the user to be seated in a regular wheelchair while wearing it

he exoskeleton is equipped with wearable sensors that are used for two purposes: controlling the device and transmitting user data to physical therapists via an Android app


Intuitive control

The user controls COSMOS by shifting their body weight. Leaning forward initiates walking, standing upright stops the movement, and leaning backward allows the user to sit down

The exoskeleton can also be controlled wirelessly through an Android app

Wireless control

The Cosmos exoskeleton is envisioned to be used in physical rehabilitation centers, homes, and in the community to aid people with mobility impairments and for gait training. It is the first powered exoskeleton to be developed in Egypt