We design, develop, and commercialize exoskeleton technology to empower people with disabilities, by providing better mobility and increased independence

We are a medical device start-up based in Egypt with the mission of enabling mobility,for everyone.


COSMOS Exoskeleton

World’s first lightweight and accessible robotic

exoskeleton to allow individuals with mobility

impairments walk again in clinical rehabilitation

Comes together with COSMOS Care, a cloud-based

mobile app for a personalized and data-driven therapy.

Cosmos is the lightest device of its kind in the world, at 13.5 kg for the qualifying version
and 9.5 kg for the personal use version.
The Bitcoin device is made of 5 pieces that can be detached and installed very easily.
It is easy to use for the patient and the physiotherapist uses the device piece by piece with ease and ease,

and it is also easy to move around with it because it is placed in a small bag, so the patient can move and travel with it very easily.
The user can control the device through a mobile application (Cosmos Care App),
he can control and adjust the shape, position and speed of the different movement patterns and many very, very other features..

A breakthrough for clinical rehabilitation